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D500 double card slot ...... SD slot fails!
As it happens I've barely used the SD slot nearly always using the XQD ...... Nikon service told me that the XQD card slots are far more robust!

JoJu, I bumped into a colleague the other day who's looking out for a used Tamron A022 G2 .... I told him there was a Swiss guy on a forum site with "way more money than sense" and he said that struggled to get any sort of sharp shots with contrast with it ...... if the shot doesn't "come out" he just whips out and buys a far better and more expensive lens ....... the more expensive the better ...... apparently the next replacement for it is the unobtainable Nikkor 500mm PF.....

... So that will leave your Tamron up for grabs ..... and let's face it, it's a pity to let it hang around gathering dust ..... My friend has the G1 version and gets great results from it ..... so with your old G2 now out of favour and your habit of swopping out systems like they are going out of fashion, I thought that I could do you a friendly service by hooking you up with him for the transaction ...... I won't even ask commission (well that's the kind of generous guy I am)

Might as well let it go to a good home where it get used to it's full capacity and not go wasted...... don't you think?
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