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Double six hundred attack from Sony: 600/4 and 200-600 are live!
(06-12-2019, 07:56 AM)davidmanze Wrote: Sony does it again !........ the one photographic bastion that they hadn't conquered was the wildlife segment ..... yes they have the amazing 400mm F2.8 (somewhat lacking in reach on FF),  so these two new lenses fill that missing gap.
 Sony state many will use these lenses on their APS series, I just don't see many opting to use these huge lenses perched on an A6400 .

   If you're happy with the modern day super tele-zooms, Sony's version looks great,  weighing only 200 gms more than the Tamron G2 and a whole load less than the heavy and poorly balanced Sigma sport, at $2,000 they have a certain winner there.

   So, for $5,500 you get the complete wildlife package (A9 + 200-600mm) ready to go ....... not cheap but not over the top either ........ (I hope I don't keep saying that too often to myself!)

  Which ever way you look at it Sony is marching on at a pace and it's a while since we have seen a new FF body from them ...... something a little bigger that's way better in the hand would be nice.

    Nikon and Canon have some catching up to do with everything in ML in both AF-C  and frame rate ...... Tony Northrups ML shoot out shows it all .

  The Canon R achieved 2.5 Fps (utterly hopeless) ..... the Z7  about 3.5 fps (meh) ...... the Fuji XT-3  14 shots of which 8-9 in focus (very admirable) ......the A7 III  5 fps .....   the Sony A9 ..... 20 Fps all in focus .......which means all except the Fuji and the Sony A9 ML has been a backward step .....

      ........ that's the level of difference for sports ML,  it's either the Fuji or the A9 ...... and of it's the A9 that gets the cigar!

  If you aren't a sports wildlife shooter this is probably nonsense to you ... even if you are a sports shooter... there's still plenty of nonsense to be had !  Smile

   Well done Sony ..... and Fuji ...... otherwise how would ML wildlife shooters get the shot?
   Sony are dominating ML market share while the Panasonic FF ML  S1R appears to be dead on arrival ..... nobody's buying it!

You proclaim they have a winner but do you know anything about optical performance; build quality or auto focus performance ? Or are you saying those metrics are not relevant to the determination of whether they have a winner ?

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