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Help choosing a RAW converter
DXO has been my preferred RAW converter lately till the last update:
they say they added a browser but at best it's mediocre, I could edit several files at a time and there was the next button that disappeared, now I have to open then close +each photo separately, so I consider it a downgrade.
worst to use RP, I have to purchase new version that adds nothing but possibility of integrating nik color effects that I have to buy separately anyway, so practically I have to pay just for my camera support, and I will have a downgrade as I said befoe
I am using Canon DPP now and considering other options.
Already tried lightroom and capture one and didn't like mainly because they wanna catalogue my pictures before use, I use multiple locations archiving and their approach doesn't work for me.
What would you recommend ?
to be noted for photos download and renaming canon zoombrowser and EOS utility were quite handy, Canon decided to drop them, any recommendations for alternatives ? I am using for now faststone image viewer but it doesn't recognize photos already downloaded on card from new ones, any suggestions ?
EOS Utility is not "dropped".
here are few options, 
 1. eos uitility for download and file naming
 2. adobe raw -> DNG converter -> go to old & trusty adobe photoshop
 3.affinity photo - has horrible RAW converter but decent post processing. - my favorite PP tool for now. Maybe you can combine it DPP or Raw->DNG on our workflow
 4. Raw therapee - dont like it. 

hope it helps,
I still have PS CS6 with the latest ACR ...... unfortunately it does not include RAW processing for the D500 ....

so I have to suffer the adobe Nef to DNG converter ...... slows things up somewhat ...

... however, as far as I've tried none of the other converters come any way near the functionality of ACR/PS CS6 ....

.... tried DXO .... it was a yawner!

........ so I just convert to DNG and suffer the wait ......

.... is there anything better than PS CS6 without subscription?
Dave's clichés
Hacked PS CC without subscription.
Tony, re: managing multiple location archiving, by using collections LR is as simple as it gets while working with several image sources.

I reckon you eliminate LR for different reason, though.

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