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HD-Pentax-DA 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 ED announced ...

Reasonably priced at just 500USD.
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Same as the old one, with new coating and redesigned body.
isn't it the same as Tokina 10-17 fisheye ?
Isn't the Tokina 10-17 fisheye the same as the (old) smc version of this lens? :p

Yes, it's a minor update of an existing lens. What's new:
- the HD coating; I assume Pentax is gradually phasing out the old smc equipment (HD is superior anyway), and at some point they would be unable to make new batches of smc lenses
- cosmetics similar with the newer releases
- the removable hood. Some people were sawing/grinding the built-in hood of the smc version, to use it on the K-1; with this, you can just remove the hood.

The 35mm f/2, this 10-17mm fisheye... we might see a few "we can't be bothered to make completely new versions" such updates.
But what I care about are the new lenses; like the next D FA* prime.
I wish there was an updated Tokina version. The detachable hood is a good idea - people have been shaving hoods off the stock Tokina lenses to get them to run on FF/1.3x, and there's even a factory-modified version out there. My wife's 10-17 (non-shaved) works well on an 1D body from 12mm but it's clear that I could've gone wider - probably even down to 10mm - if the petals hadn't shown up in the frame.

Well since this is a Pentax design and Tokina isn't in bed with them anymore, I hope someone else can take the cue (Sigma I'm looking at you) and produce a similar lens but with detachable hood and modern haptics.
Tokina still is in the same bed as they were before, nothing has changed there. See the 50mm "Opera".
Ah, I totally forgot about that one, thanks. So I'll hope for an update, though this being Tokina, there's bound to be some kind of gotcha. They just can't seem to take the straight path reliably.
The existence of the "Tokina" Opera doesn't mean we'll see an updated Tokina 10-17mm fisheye - and I don't expect such a lens.
The two companies are merely sharing development cost (and I'd say Kenko-Tokina needs that more than Ricoh Imaging), otherwise there's no plan to release the same things.
The saddest story about Tokina must be the 70-200mm f4 story. Canon has had 70-200mm f4 L lenses with great success for many, many years, while Nikon's line up missed one big time. Finally Tokina decided to develop a 70-200mm f4 for Nikon F-mount only, only to be beaten to the punch by Nikon with its Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm f4 VR. Kinda hilarious...
Ken Rockwell kinda liked that one. Smile

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