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Different cameras, different brands, same batteries
Well, within an eco-system of one manufacturer it can work. EN-EL15 is driving my Nikons since 2012 and was there before. But the only reason I can imagine the manufacturers wills step back from their "genuine" parts dogma could be a new kind of batteries and one manufacturer of it who tells the big boys how it has to look like. Mind you, it's a rather safe income for accessories. And also one point that keeps customers sticking with their company.

And as soon as this universal battery would be available, Chinese would throw cheap copies all over the place. With sometimes doubtful or dangerous features.

But honestly, who of you guys would buy new cameras just because the battery is exchangeable with other brands?

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RE: Different cameras, different brands, same batteries - by JJ_SO - 07-13-2019, 06:44 AM

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