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Oh those conundrums of lenses lenses lenses ..........
Get a Sony and a 200-600  Big Grin

I also didn't see any 600 mm around at the moment, I checked 20 of 41 Nikon related pages of my 2md hand marketplace in CH. 3 500/4, but no 600. And a couple of 150-600.

The Sigma Sports 60-600 is nothing for you? It's improved at 600 mm and a tad lighter than the "old" 150-600 Sports.

All I can say (in terms of long FL): If there would be an 600/5.6 PF, the delivery situation would even be worse than it already is with the 500/5.6 PF. And the 300/4 PF with a TC 2× III is simply not better than with the G2. It's lighter, yes, but both DSLRs and the Z 7 do struggle more with this combo as soon as I want more than center AF.

If I'd be more into birds, I really would look at the Sony combo - but the delivery situation is also not too rosy. Sony reps say the orders are much higher than expected...

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