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Oh those conundrums of lenses lenses lenses ..........
(07-15-2019, 08:00 AM)JJ_SO Wrote: Get a Sony and a 200-600  Big Grin

I also didn't see any 600 mm around at the moment, I checked 20 of 41 Nikon related pages of my 2md hand marketplace in CH. 3 500/4, but no 600. And a couple of 150-600.

The Sigma Sports 60-600 is nothing for you? It's improved at 600 mm and a tad lighter than the "old" 150-600 Sports.

All I can say (in terms of long FL): If there would be an 600/5.6 PF, the delivery situation would even be worse than it already is with the 500/5.6 PF. And the 300/4 PF with a TC 2× III is simply not better than with the G2. It's lighter, yes, but both DSLRs and the Z 7 do struggle more with this combo as soon as I want more than center AF.

If I'd be more into birds, I really would look at the Sony combo - but the delivery situation is also not too rosy. Sony reps say the orders are much higher than expected...
  The sports 60-600mm looks a fine lens indeed but we're still at F6.3 which means no converters and too much depth of field.
  The Sony looks great as well and it's sharp wide open at 600mm ..... but F6.3, I would need an A9 and running two systems ....... not really, plus the wait.
  The 600mm F5.6 VR PF would be exactly what I'm looking for, if it matches the 500mm PF everything will be good ........ that could be a two to three year wait.
  My AF-S 500mm F4D is up for sale, luckily there is only one other on "le bon coin" at €3,000 which is overpriced ...... mine will be at €2,100 ..... as I stated the best thing about this lens is it's reputation ........ it was great in it's day, but times have well and truly moved on.

   So, it may come as a huge shock ....... but I'm half decided on buying a "brand new AF-S 600mm F4G FL VR", Nikon's latest model .......two price choices .... €10,600 grey market  12,000 official ....  (if I come across a S/H model even better) ... 
   It's the lightest from Nikon at 3.8 kgs, which I will appreciate and obviously the sharpest, with good reports when using tele-converters and giving a useful reach on the D500 ..... 
   Neither heaven nor hell have banking facilities .... so you might as well spend it while you have your feet firmly on the ground!

  Thanks JoJu !
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