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Oh those conundrums of lenses lenses lenses ..........
The AF-S 6000mm F4E FL VR arrives !!

Ok guys, after a delivery nightmare service with no one knowing where the lens was delivered, I finally tracked it down to the Post office who swore they didn't have it ......... nonetheless it's here now.. (BTW. Use DHL for delivery, they don't suddenly give the job to another company who then changes the delivery number and drops it off at a he most convenient pick up point without informing you) ..
The lens is in very good condition with only a couple of marks of use ...... at 3.81 Kgs nude it still is heavy but hand hold-able ......... I'm out of condition so I'd better get back to at least doing some press up exercises.
Focus is very fast without being instant.
VR. The lens comes with a one year guarantee which I may have to call upon ..... as I noticed a slightly strange behaviour with the VR ..... it looked to be working fine .... then the image jumped three times in the finder ...... clunk clunk clunk ....... will have to see about that!

Weather is hot and the sun is overhead... so I will have to wait until I find a good opportunity to catch some birds and other testing subjects .....
I certainly will be doing a rough and ready review of the lens and a comparison to the now elderly AF-S 500mm ED IF F4D (27 years old and non VR) as well as FL tests of the true FL length of the Nikkor vs the Tamron G2, bokeh etc.

Are we photographers mad ??
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