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Sony A7R IV announced ...
(07-22-2019, 09:20 PM)JJ_SO Wrote: I reviewed the Northrup video. And another one, "maintenance of your gear" in which he used the same brush for lens glass, camera and tripod surfaces - good luck.

In the α9-video I see more pros than cons for the camera, like "more sharp shots than you'd get with a D5 or EOS1". I think at the end of the day this matters much more.

You might be more experienced than I am, but with continuous 9fps and an OVF blackout I find it also hard to track a bird. That was the reason to get the "Dot Sight DF-M1", but this has other disadvantages, like calibrating every time I change a lens and being rather fragile. Best is, one eye open to "track the bird without blackout" and one eye for the finder to check a bit what's going on.

While tracking a bird in flight, I do have a lot of other things to care about than just shutter lag. I'm sorry, but I still find this "shutter lag" a blown up problem - the D5 has half the time, is also lagging, plus restricted focus area and only focusing when the mirror is up again.

"If I had to choose between a D5 + 600/4 and an α9 + 600/4, I'd always go for the Sony."

What Tony didn't mention, but matters to me: The D5 I could put on a tripod, being in a hide and watch the bird for hours without draining batteries. How long could I do this with an α9, before the heat sensor shuts the camera down or the 3 batteries become empty?

  The A9 is practically all pros and very few cons ..... I'm a big fan of the camera!
 I wouldn't choose the D5 either .... and I'd wait for the updated A9 ..... it's replacement can't be far off now ........ and inevitably it will be better ....... in Sonyland it's always been a good ploy to wait for the next model  !!

 They promised a sports camera for the Olympics in a years time.

PS. Obviously I will be sticking with Nikon ..
Dave's clichés
" in Sonyland it's always been a good ploy to wait for the next model  !!"

Sure, meanwhile we can debate shutter lag and refresh rates just to make fun out of it Big Grin  and don't forget banding, and reduced bokeh because of electronic first curtain shutter (latest fashion, I think...)
In Sonyland patience is a virtue ........... mainly because you don't need too much of it !!
Dave's clichés

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