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The long-awaited 16-80mm f/4 seems to be ready
(01-23-2020, 04:45 PM)Rover Wrote: EPZ test is up:
Well... if even they find the edges to be subpar at most focal lengths (and they do), I imagine it would be a bloodbath in Klaus' lab.

Love the meaningless EPZ rating: 4.5/5 for optical quality, ahaha, what a joke! Welcome to the feel good american way of doing ratings.
That's why I love OpticalLimits so much: you guys are just and 2.5 out of 5 doesn't mean it's bad but average. Good for you :-)
Anyway, I'm glad I purchased the Oly 12-100 f4 instead. It's a marvelous lens (despite the size), very sharp even in the corners at all focal lengths. Perfect travel companion.

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