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Considering Sigma 20mmf1.4, any advice
(07-21-2019, 05:02 PM)Brightcolours Wrote: Why was it your favourite lens on Canon APS-C? Must not have been the wide open sharpness, or the AF performance. So, it must have been the FOV?
20mm on FF is totally different. So, it 20mm on APS-C was your thing.... 20 x 1.6 = 32mm. You then would be better off looking at a 35mm lens instead?

Yes, completely correct.

And in that case, I'd suggest the RF 35 F/1.8 IS Macro STM, which is a great lens, designed for the R-series opf cameras, has IS, and STM motor for AF, does 1:2 - great for flowers and siliarly sized items -, and is apparewntly quite good. Another advantage si that it was made for the R-series of cameras, and is conveniently quite compact too.

In addition, it is on cashback too, and actually quite cheap compared to the competition, like the Kipon 35 F/2.4, which is MF, no IS, and only 30 euros less, and that is before cashback of the Canon.

Kind regards, Wim
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