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EOS M6 Mark II
Sensor side they mention nothing but increased megapixel count.. they promised better dynamic range technology and better nose control.
but it's just a promotional video, they don't have to mention things here.
The (de-)attachable viewfinder is a bad joke in the year 2019.
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(08-20-2019, 10:29 PM)Klaus Wrote: The (de-)attachable viewfinder is a bad joke in the year 2019.

Another Klaus' Canon knee jerk reaction? ;-)

I don't see why it is a bad joke, or anything bad to do with 2019.

You have cameras with and without view finder, which has to do with size and resulting real estate. Small cameras have no space for viewfinder due to 2019 screen size and controls, cameras with view finder are bigger.

Example: Panasonic GF6 is made to be compact, no room for viewfinder. If you want a view finder, they for instance offer the bigger Panasonic GX9. Another example: Olympus Pen F is bigger. If you want smaller (Olympus Pen E-PL9, same height as EOS M6) you get no viewfinder. So in reviews, it gets a negative point for not offering a viewfinder. How 2018 of them, right? ;-) 
But then again, the Pen E-PL9 has a 16mp sensor, and you also dislike the 32.5mp of the soon to be new EOS M6 ;-)

The Canon EOS M6 is smaller than a GX9 (smaller than the E-PL9 in fact), and has no viewfinder. The EOS M6 is made to be small, the EOS M5 is bigger and has a viewfinder. Nothing anti 2019 about any of that, really.

And what if you want small, but also like the option of a viewfinder? They then offer a detachable viewfinder. What is 2019 about it? The OLED display.
Wonder if this detachable EVF will would work on the 90D... it should be easy to implement, However a hotshoe mount wouldn't be ideal having to choose between EVF and flash ...
The Fuji GFX 50 and 100 do have detachable (and tiltable) EVF - is that also rubbish? I would be super happy to have such a device on one of my cameras. And a detachable EVF usually is made to lower the price of the body (and add a bigger price step to the EVF, like it is and was in 1 V3, some Leicas), but much better than no EVF at all. In fact, it might be cool to have a detachable EVF with cable or WiFi conncection to the camera? But then a shutter release and some fnction buttons would be nice on it and how about the energy transfer (cable)? Okay, maybe not the coolest thing, but for small bags or even pockets it might be just the device to have.
A detachable EVF with functionality in detached state offers a "no hindrance of the sun to view the screen" plus over my current iOS device with remote live view, so there is a niche for that idea, JoJu.
It is a joke because Sony APS-C mirrorless cameras of similar size have built-in viewfinders since 2011.

And the lack of the viewfinder (or the add-on viewfinder if you like), is the biggest annoyance that I have with the M3.
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Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
The Sony APS-C mirrorless cameras of similar size have a smaller display with an aspect ratio that is different from the APS-C sensor aspect ratio they have. Sony if I understand correctly, you find only Sony APS-C cameras with a smaller display to be not a bad joke, and you find not just compact Canon APS-C cameras but also compact Fuji cameras and compact Olympus cameras and compact Panasonic cameras with offer bigger screens bad jokes in 2019? And you just happened to only mention it here? OK.

So yay to smaller screens, and nay to detachable viewfinder options.
That is fully correct. Compared to a viewfinder, the screen is a secondary way to check the image.
Continuing on your thought line, you seem to imply that screens are great in bright sunshine? Really?
But maybe you just shoot indoors ...

I'm really wondering why we argue about this.
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Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji

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