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EOS M6 Mark II
(08-23-2019, 10:27 PM)Klaus Wrote: ...
I'm really wondering why we argue about this.

Because you brought it up and not everybody agrees with it. What I think we can agree: "viewfinder is better than only LCD". After that is disagreement about the detachable bit. It has some advantages compared to built in a tiny EVF, but I don't see a lot manufacturers making use of them.

One could make it the way Fujifilm went first with the GFX 50. They could offer different ones or once a new EVF resolution comes to market, offer them for the elder camera - maybe not for a comparatively cheap one, but for the Fujifilm or generally for bodies costing above 2k$ it would make sense. One also could put GPS and WiFi functionality into them. A mini-device for tethering is possible once there are contacts for a detachable EVF - and it better is one with a ready made connection as all manufacturers WiFi "solutions" I met so far really suck until they are connected and after that with very reduced functionalities - that's what I don't understand in general.

With regards of how Canon made it for this body, I say "good job" as you don't need to press your nose against the back of the camera and apparently it's a well made piece of accessory. Usually it amens the whole unit of EVF + body more expensive - but if I'd be a Canon shooter and could see other benefits like stuffing the camera into a smaller bag...
Fake spec sheet for the M6 mk II:

Some people have too much time to spend on nonsense. But I guess most specs will be right as they are easy to guess.

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