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Question ... Fuji X-T30 or X-H1?
Nikon F is dead. On opticallimits, that is. It's not that there are tons of new lenses flooding in but the last review was in November 2017. And since then one or two new Nikkors were released... I know, Klaus, you guys (meaning actually you and Mr. Schroiff Big Grin ) do it for personal pleasure, but c'mon, even old Nikon isn't as dead as the Nikon department here. However, in April 2019 Markus published a Fuji review, so he still is part of the team?
He has a Nikon Z7 and 4 Z lenses at home ...

As far as Nikon F and Canon EF are concerned - let's be realistic about those ...
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(08-31-2019, 02:37 PM)Rover Wrote: For testing, the more megapickles the better (though not for the results of course...) I can understand that a new resolution race is afoot (with 32 MP APS-C and 61 MP FF cameras out there already) but it's not that convoluted in the Fuji space.

Say... are there any new resolution cameras planned in the labs? (I guess you settled for 42 MP Sony E and 50 MP Canon, but what about the rest - MFT, Nikon F, etc?)

MFT will stay on 16mp till there is a camera >20mp. Just moving to 20mp is pointless.
Nikon F - well, Markus has a D850 but I don't see major efforts into this
Nikon DX is dead as is Canon EF-S
Fuji -> 26mp
Canon RF - this one is difficult. I hesitate to buy the EOS R - 30mp don't really cut it.
Nikon Z - Markus has the Z7
Canon EF - 50mp will remain the game for years to come
Sony FE - yes, 42mp
Sony E - no change since the dawn of time here anyway
Canon M - I don't see much traction here, so 24mp will remain as is.
Pentax - dead.
L-mount - for the time being - no.
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Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
Isn't there also a Leica board on OL? Wink But people interested in them will buy them anyway, no matter what's OL finding.


Well, the Z-lenses are a bit pointless to test as there is no alternative to them at the moment - except to change ships. Before L-mount alliance was announced I was hoping Sigma would have started their reverse engineering mills, but making lenses for Sony clearly pays better. I was trading in my old D810 for the 14-30 lately. It's less sensitive to flares than the old Nikkor 14-24 (not exactly a surprise), but the green/red blobs due to reflections from sensor to glass and back don't look attractive, either. I also compared it to the Sigma Art, unfortunately not in the green/red blobs provoking situation - I just wonder if the distance between T-type-lens and Z-mount will be long enough to kill these reflections.

(08-31-2019, 09:22 PM)Klaus Wrote: He has a Nikon Z7 and 4 Z lenses at home ...

As far as Nikon F and Canon EF are concerned - let's be realistic about those ...

Haven't seen that post. Let's also be realistic about a lens test site which still has nothing to tell about the quality of a couple of new lenses for new mounts... Yes, also lensrentals only tests the MTF of Sony lenses as they still don't have mounts for Canon and Nikon mirrorless, but sooner or later they will get these. 

I really understand the hesitation: You saw Samsung going down and Nikon 1, too. Pentax maybe next. Investing time in horses which are not really dead right now but on shaky legs, is not very interesting.
(08-31-2019, 06:56 AM)I\m weird :( Wrote: Klaus
(08-31-2019, 06:18 AM)you2 Wrote: Definitely not the X-h1 (imho); way too big. The X-e3 or t30 (the X-E3 is pretty darn nice) for personal use. However, this is for testing and the X-T30 has a newer sensor than the X-E3... and X-H1.
People above mention the X-H1 for ibis test but I think the X-h1 is not the best bet for this test. First the camera didn't sell that well so you are testing a feature few have available (of course fuji market is pretty small compared to larger camera makers and the x-h1 is pretty small with-in fuji land). Second if Fuji adds ibis to mainstream at a future date (I've not been following rumours in case this  might be the case) given that x-h1 was first attempt it probably wouldn't even be representative of future efforts.
I.e, i think more people would prefer the newer sensor over ibis which is not mainstream for this vendor.

That is a weird explanation ;-)

Now that you've made your decision - while I personally prefer the x-t30 (small size) over the x-h1 - I should mention it appears that x-h1 is being heavily discounted and those discounts might increase:
Well, at some stage there'll be a X-H2 (or H1 II) ...
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Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji

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