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suggestions for decent photo sharing website
I am looking for a good website for photo sharing and critique.

Tried photozone galleries here but nobody seems interested besides the interface is odd.

Dunno if any upgrade is on the horizon, tried instagram, dreadful.... Square format, no upload from PC dunno why everyone is raving about it.

Which website would you suggest?
  Flickr!  It's free, easy and has a whole load of groups/categories, a simple like /share comments and awards.

 What I like is it's a positive comments only site which means there is no nasty comments or "anti factions".          Blowing up the image is grief free and as long as you have fair/reasonable internet speed, it doesn't keep you hanging about. It does lack "critique"...... however, it serves very well as a sharing site to get your photos "out there" and seen which after all is the point of taking pictures!


 There's alos a subscription pro group if that's what you want.[email protected]/


 I tried it to see if I liked it..................and frankly I do!

Dave's clichés
We are using smugmug

Me too, but I'm not happy that they stick with Adobe flash for their statistic pages.


But it's better to have a basis and limk my photos to other sites / forums, instead of using the forum's possibilities. The handling is much easier.

I don't need hosting but a site for photo discussion like photozone used to be before that forum "update" that sent me away from here for years before I eventually came back.

I really miss those old days...

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