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iShoot tripod collar for SEL70200G: quality?
(09-09-2019, 09:38 AM)JJ_SO Wrote: I got at some point a lot of this Mengs/Gumptrade stuff. It's rather simple - if the quality is poor, it will be obviously and visibly poor and you would not use it.

It's as you said. I just got it and it's ok. It's a bit different than Sony's: the original piece has a knob that turns for just a few rounds and locks a spring-based mechanism which keeps blocked the ring around the lens. It's an advantageous solution when you want just to loosen it a bit to rotate the lens and fasten it again, but I don't need that. On the other side, it's the dangerous part when I use the collar with the shoulder strap: because if the mechanism is damaged it looks like the thing is fastened, but it's only the spring working; and at the first stress the thing opens.

The Mengs piece just sports a knob that rotates for many rounds and fasten very firmly.
Also, the white paint is lighter than the colour of the lens, but who cares about that.

Fine, thanks.


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you're welcome Smile
China has a deal with the rest of the world (maybe just Europe ...) regarding shipping costs, which means they can send stuff to other countries at a r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s-l-y reduced price, in order to make them competitive. The deal is more than a hundred years old. Not from the 20th century, but the 19th century, that is!!

Here in Denmark so many companies have complained about this, which is effectively and literally driving them out of business, because now they simply cannot compete. It's become a political issue now and the deal probably won't stand for too much longer now.
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Luny Tunny, it would be much more believable to put some sources into a post like yours instead of throwing in rumours. And knowing Chinas history it might as well be to reduce shipping costs of the then European colonies - so basically a lot of companies still existing today might have been the benefiters.

I read it in c't, if you like and speak German, I can search the issue of the magazine, how China plays their being cheaper than anybody game - but please do not forget that we customers all decide for ourselves wether to buy China stuff (a lot of my Nikon lenses were not benefiting from this old law you're talking about and cost more than Japanese made glass, although the Nikkors came from China), Amazon stuff or regional products. Amongst of the latter is also hidden China stuff, when the company sourced out to "Europe's workbench".

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