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Major unacceptable flaws with fuji xp90
I am using Fuji XP 90 as my pool and beach camera, it's fantastic for shooting my 2 years old daughter playing on the beach and trying to swim, however this camera has a major flaw they didn't even consider fixing on their newer models. 
As you can see the video button is just next to the camera on/off button and underwater it's very frequent you press the wrong button, turning the camera off instead of taking a video or worst turning the camera off while taking a video and losing at least part of the video... What were fuji engineers thinking when they put the buttons this way ? 
Another flaw that needs verification, the videos are labeled FHD however while viewing them, they aren't any better than simple HD movies taken by other cameras, could fuji be uscaling the files?? In that case what's the point of it except creating cumbersome big video files ? 
Fuji needs to test its products by true users before launching maybe they are doing it for high end products, but clearly here they have a handicaped product 
[Image: 235954165alt3?$rsp-pdp-port-1440$]

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