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Recommendations for a RAW converter for Canon
DNG ist nothing than an overstretched, massivley overloaded Adobe format. I also would avoid it (including conversion into it*) for as long as possible.

* usually file size doubles from any genuine RAW to DNG after a conversion. Sigma, Leica and Pentax have DNG in a better version onboard. But after conversion (with some loss of characteristics) into DNG - what do you do with the genuine RAWs? Keep it and triple the consumption of memory? Delete it and gibe up all possibilities to get better results from the genuine RAWs with a suiting converter?

Iridient developer would be my recommendation (usually it's the fastest to comeout with support for new cameras). But of course, it's a question of what you pay for and what you get. So far I haven't see better results out of any of my cameras than in Capture One. I've seen some LR results and tried the same in C1 and it was massively better.

Okay, just checked: No EOS RP support from Iridient at the moment. Capture One does support them.

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