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Recommendations for a RAW converter for Canon
(10-16-2019, 06:00 PM)thxbb12 Wrote: DNG is just a container format (a glorified TIFF) to store the RAW data.
It's not the most space efficient, but with the low cost of mass storage today, it's not really an issue.
If one wants to have universally accessible files (esp. in the future), DNG is better than any proprietary formats.
It also allows one to use older software versions without being forced to upgrade (as in David's case).

I don't think about costs - I just think about all the time backup processes need, all the time to read the files and that for a worse version? I would not delete the original RAW, DNG are about double the size of it - so you fill any storage 3 times faster than without DNG.

D500 is on Iridient's list of supported cameras. Unfortunately it's only for Mac...
Then there's Affinity Photo. For windows. For 40 €. "I need DNG to work my pictures in Adobe PS 6" is one of the uttermost lame excuses I ever read about DNG. But of course, it's better to stick to 3 year old concepts and complain about the workflow...

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