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Recommendations for a RAW converter for Canon
(10-20-2019, 09:16 PM)toni-a Wrote: I Finally downloaded adobe DNG converter and tried to work with DXO... and guess what ? it refused to edit my raws because the camera is not supported, although they are in DNG format
Several warned me about DXO marketing strategy and how odd they were, now I understand them...

That criticism makes no sense. Why would a camera be supported just because you change the RAW format? Does DXO magically have a correct colour profile for the camera when you DNG-ed it? Is magically known what kind of CFA is used (thinking about Fuji here, for instance)? Are all of a sudden lens correction profiles adjusted to the unknown camera? Or are perhaps sharpening functions dependent on measured AA-filter characteristics?

DXO wants to understand certain things from a specific camera, and just because you convert to DNG does not make them know more about unknown cameras.

DXO Photolab 2.3.0 does support the EOS RP.

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