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Recommendations for a RAW converter for Canon
(10-21-2019, 07:07 PM)Brightcolours Wrote: And all then do not take into account the camera model and its sensor/camera profiles for cameras they do not really support.

  I think Pentax's DNG files are just a standard adobe DNG profile ....... every Pentax camera works fine with no updates required for reading new camera RAW files.
   My only experience with an unsupported NEF RAW file is from the D500, which is probably not fully supported with respect up to it's absolute profile precision, nonetheless it's images reproduce extremely similar results to the D750 ........ which is the last Nikon camera CS6 supported.
  Personally, I think it's a non issue as there is a choice of the following profiles when converting to PSD (or to your preference format) .....

...Pro-photoRGB ..... colormatchRGB ..... adobe RGB ..... and sRGB IC6 ..

 ProphotoRGB has that magic ingredient for me in that it has at least a stop better headroom in the red band ......... which is the band where digital cameras seem to struggle the most.  
 Photo media is sooo full of ...... red flowers, red clothing and other where the reds are just an ugly splodge of totally saturated reds with zero detail left, to me it just looks plug ugly .........

   ......... yet barely a word is said about it !!
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