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Recommendations for a RAW converter for Canon
(10-22-2019, 07:50 AM)Brightcolours Wrote: In the Pentax DNG there IS the model name of the camera. And software therefore CAN adjust camera profiles for the RAW conversion.
This is not rocket science, Dave :-P

And you are confusing RAW camera profiles with colour spaces? Why?

And how does your printer cope with the extended ProphotoRGB colour space? I bet not that good. But as long as you like it on your screen?
  At least with Pentax's DNG you do not have to wait for a FW update every time a new model comes out ....... just for some so called camera profile .....

"This is not rocket science, Dave :-P"

  I didn't even mention Spacex !!  Smile

  I wasn't confusing RAW profiles with colour spaces ..... I was just on a ramble about red saturation ........ which is one of my pet hates. 

  As it happens I've just bought a new A4 Epsom ET 2710 printer/scanner with ink tanks ........ 169 euros ..... resolution 5760 X 1440.
  ..... included you get four bottles of printing ink each containing 65 ml  ..... 260 ml in all, (that's more than a standard beer in a bar) each replacement bottle is 10 euros .....
   .... so no more of those scandalously priced cartridges and no temptation to use TPM inks.  Yay !! ......but man is it slow.[email protected]/

  The above shot printed great ..... actually this printers sharpness tests any noise in the image far more than my last Canon did !!

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