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What lens Fujifilm should I buy to headshots
(11-26-2019, 05:36 PM)JJ_SO Wrote:
(11-26-2019, 05:31 PM)thxbb12 Wrote: Why the need for a tilt-shift lens?

A regular FF equiv 85 or 135 would be perfectly suited to the task.  As others have already said, it's more a matter of focal length preference and space.
No need for FF either, unless one wants very shallow DOF.
Both Fujis (56 f1.2 and 90 f2) should provide enough DOF control for the vast majority of scenarios.

Also, both of them feature AF while a FF tilt-shift lens needs a very patient model due to manual focus, doesn't provide EXIF and is a pain to use in front of a small camera. This kind of recommendation is not based on own experience, I suspect.

I already specified that "they will give you plenty of creative options but keep in mind they are extremely slow to operate for candid shots and outdoor shots just forget about them"
We already had this discussuon here when Markus tested Hartblei 85mm tilt and shift
Yes they are very slow to operate and need a very patient model, they are better suited for studio work and I was clear for candid shots and outdoor shots better forget about them, but it's still an option with plenty of creativity potential
56 f1.2 is a great lens for portrait photography. Sharp from 1.2

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