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What lens Fujifilm should I buy to headshots
Regardless of image quality, is it a model you know ??
If you are shooting models you don't know or you aren't familiar with forget about the 50 and 56, you will be too close and they won't feel comfortable,80- 90mm APS-C would give you a better shooting distance and the model (and you) would be more at ease.
Now if you are inside a studio and your model is posing take a look at tilt and shift adapters plus some good full frame 85mm primes, there are plenty outside at cheap prices, they will give you plenty of creative options but keep in mind they are extremely slow to operate for candid shots and outdoor shots just forget about them.

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RE: What lens Fujifilm should I buy to headshots - by toni-a - 11-26-2019, 12:47 PM

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