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What lens Fujifilm should I buy to headshots
The lens to get is 90mm/F2 WR. Imho, it excels in rendering for portrait work, although it is a bit on the sharp side for portraits so you may need to spend some time in post processing.

I personally have been avoiding 56mm/F1.2 for some time because I'm not convinced by the price/performance ratio and, to me, the bokeh looks not as refined as the 90mm.

The 80mm/F2.8 Macro is quite expensive and I'm a bit disappointed by this lens, compared to the price I paid for it. At 2.8 it shows some heavy vignetting, which makes the bokeh looks a bit more swirly at the edges, like an old Helios lens (but not that much). For the price, you should consider XF 50-140/F2.8 instead, it is more versatile lens for portrait photography.

I will give you two additional options to consider:

Fujinon 60mm/F2.4 Macro has some excellent bokeh and goes reasonably sharp, so if you are not shooting wide open, it will have more pleasing defocus compared to 56mm/F1.2.

Viltrox 85/1.8 is a 3rd party alternative that goes for less than half the price of a new 90mm/F2. Not as sharp wide open, which is cool for portrait work, but also - the bokeh is not as smooth, if you are into that. No WR either, so don't shoot in the rain with it.

I would not buy 50mm/F2 no matter what!

Hope that helps!

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