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Nikon AF-S 120-300mm f/2.8E FL SD SR VR announced
Ever since Sigma released the first version of their 120-300/2.8 (almost 15 years ago!), I kept asking myself why no-one else releases a similar product.

Here we go, finally... and at that price point, the current Sigma Sports looks even more attractive than before.

I'm surprised they went for a massive filter thread instead of drop-in filters that are common on pro teles.


I guess that's the market range for photo equipment now.
The Sigma sells for less than 3000 new and for less than 2000 used. And it's not much heavier than the new Nikkor, so there isn't even a FL weight advantage as it exists in other high end Nikkor lenses.

When I tried the Sigma (it was on my list to get, but this time I went for a try first), I felt it front heavy, generally hefty to hold and like the Nikon, having no Arca-Swiss tripod socket. I felt I was better of with Sigma's 70-200/2.8 Sports. The Nikon is newer, so I expect it to perform slightly better than the Sigma - but not 3 times better.

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