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That annoying X-T30 Q button
Thanks to a hint by someone in the dpr forums, my major issue with the X-T30 (besides its size) is finally solved (well, mostly):

Since the latest firmware update, one can assign 'no action' to a button press, basically disabling the button, at least that is what I (and probably many others) had hoped for. However, the long button press is still active, bringing up the menu to assign a different action again and again (yes, I accidently press the button regularly, I can't believe that this has not been an issue while testing the camera design before the product was released). So, instead of the Q menu, I now regularly see that menu instead.

However: one of the functions that can be assigned to the Q button is 'AF ON'. That way, accidently hitting the button just triggers the AF... no matter if it's a short or long button press. The menu no longer shows up (big relief), instead the AF may occasionally be activated accidently.


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