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Canon 6D successor will be a mirrorless full frame camera
Quote:Just thinking out loud, BC Smile.


The thing is that if they would create a proper, dedicated FF mirrorless camera, they'd have to make yet another new lens mount. I doubt they will do that in the current market.


And as I mentioned, I doubt FF mirrorless performs all that well, with current technology, especially with high megapixel sensors (say 40+ megapixels). Too much light fall-off not only due to the lenses and cosine rule, but also because of the way sensors are structured currently.


Kind regards, Wim
I don't see the issue, to be frank. A mount does not cost much. So they can go either the Sony route and use the narrow APS-C mirrorless mount and make do with that, or they make a new mount. Either way, they need to make FF mirrorless lenses.


No one is going to buy a Sigma style "mirrorless" which actually is a DSLR without mirror, really...

Light fall off for most uses simply can be corrected. And MFT with similarly big apertures will show similar vignetting (APS-C too).


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