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85mm lenses recommendations choice
(03-26-2020, 07:22 PM)toni-a Wrote: Welcome Darell
I own eos RP too and have absolutelyH no issues with adapter
if you want a quick answer, it's easy and obvious: Canon EF 85mm f1.8 is just great, RF 85mm f1.8 should be on its way but will cost at least twice as much however if it features IS that would be another story
IMHO ou must be aware for a shortcoming that might be important for some , and it's similar  with all 85mm lenses it's their minimum focusing distance: it's almost one meter (85cm for most) ok you are not going to shoot macro with it, but get prepared it won't be like your 50f1.8 on 80D, at 85mm on full frame at 85cm distance  head and shoulders fill the frame, not just  the head fills the frame, dunno how close you like to come to your subject but if you are considering close up portraits you will need an extension tube.

Personally although I own 85mmf1.8 and  100mm macro, I barely use the 85 and prefer 100mm macro, so if I were in your shoes I would go for a 100mm macro or better 100mm macro IS, if you are one of those who are always after the thinnest depth of field, EF 85mmf1.2 prices have dropped a lot on the used market lately....

Hi Toni-a
Thanks a lot for your precious feedback

Regarding the 100mmL, I've got it in my bag but... it's not mine, a friend just lend me the lense, for portrait, it works fine as well, but not so easy inside, and less lighter.


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