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What lenses are compatible with older Canon EOS DSLR?
(04-09-2020, 06:15 AM)DancingAlien Wrote: I own a Canon EOS 1100D camera that was released in 2011. 

What lenses are still compatible with this model?

All lenses with the EOS mount are compatible with one exception.

  • All Canon EF, TS-E, MP-E lenses
  • All Canon EF-S lenses
  • All Tamron lenses for Canon EOS (EF). That includes all pre-digital era Tamron EOS  mount lenses, all Tamron EOS mount Di lenses and Di II  (APS-C) lenses.
  • All Tokina Canon EOS mount lenses including the DX (APS-C) lenses.
  • All Sigma EOS mount DG (full frame) and DC (APS-C) lenses.
  • Samyang lenses for Canon EOS EF mount, both for FF and for APS-C.
  • Other Canon EOS EF mount lenses from other small companies like Zeiss, Voigtlander, Irix, Loawa.
Not compatible:
  • Sigma lenses before the digital age (no DG or DC in the name), that have not have their electronics updated many years ago. So stay clear of older second hand Sigma lenses.

You can not use Canon EF-M lenses (these are for EOS M cameras) , or Canon RF-mount lenses.

If you feel adventurous, you can also adapt old manual focus lenses made for other camera mounts to your 1100D with the help of adapters. Possible with lenses with Nikon F-mount, Canon FL/FD mount, Contax/Yashica C/Y mount, Leica R-mount, Pentax K-mount, M42 mount, Olympus OM mount.

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