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New Voigtlanders ...
(05-06-2020, 09:35 AM)Klaus Wrote: Huuuh, freakish ...

Albeit I've to say that many Voigtlanders are somewhat overrated. You feel the mechanical quality and are carried away.
The APO-Lanthars are as awesome as it gets but the standard lineup is a hit and miss I think.

Depending on what you want from a lens.

At one point, I was quite willing to get rid of some old stuff that do not perform at modern levels, resolution-wise.

And then, looking through some pictures, it struck me how these lenses give some character to the image, making a boring photo look interesting. Selling an old Minolta lens for $20 is not going to make me richer, but it may be fun to shoot with.
You just can't have too many lenses...

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