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ZM Biogon 28mm midrange softness?
A ticket and stay to "there" make it more expensive. Here, repairing a Canon lens often costs so much that it is not cost effective to even think about repairs, to be frank. €270 euro for a Zeiss prime seems very reasonable to me.
Yep, I also find the price reasonable. Especially since their service is outstanding and quite often includes a phone call by the technician to clarify or explain details.

I currently have a lens at Leica service to have the aperture blades cleaned, they charge more than 430 EUR for this (no spare parts needed).

(06-05-2020, 07:35 PM)Brightcolours Wrote: Here, repairing a Canon lens often costs so much that it is not cost effective to even think about repairs, to be frank.

I no longer send Canon lenses to Canon, but to a repair shop in Hamburg called Exos Rework. They so far always delivered solid results at a fraction of the prizes Canon charges. The only downside is that sometimes repairs take quite a bit longer.

for repairs all depends on wages in the country
Canon Lebanon  had to do budget cuts and don't have their own repair center anymore, since it is a subsidiary of a bigger company for electronics they still do them at the company repairs center that does also laptops and printers but for lenses they outsource the repairs.
Dong repairs at the center that outsources them to Canon is not a bad idea at all, and since I am longtime customer and since the owner and main technician is my patient that I follow,  I have a special treatment ( I treat him, he treats my lenses Tongue )
In fact most of the times I take an appointment with him, he examines the gear in my presence explains to me what is wrong and most of the time, he repairs it on the spot, I take it with me repaired the same day, practically one hour after I arrive. This way I don't have to drive twice to the repairs shop.
Of course not everyone has such a privilege...

Before buying used more than reviews I rely on the repairs guy opinion, if he says it is prone to failures, stay away, I just stay away,  with some lenses like Canon 50mmf1.4 and Canon 17-85 it is just a matter of time before they fail, some other lenses have frequent problems but are easy to fix like Canon 24-105f4L Mki  where the zoom mechanism locks after some time, however this is a 10 minutes repair that doesn't require spare parts that can be easily avoided if preventive maintenance is done.
Dunno why in Europe preventive maintenance is  non existing for lenses...
(06-05-2020, 02:59 PM)mst Wrote: Last time it was around 270 EUR for a ZM 25/2.8, around 3 years ago. That should give you a rough estimate only, though, the actual costs might of course vary with the kind and number of parts that need to be repaired.

I don't know if their customer support is available right now. Most manufacturers continued to offer repair services over the last weeks, but Leica for example didn't. So, you should maybe get in touch with them first.

Quite ironically, this repair cost added to the 2nd hand price wld lead to a brand new price level . Oh well, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
Thanks markus. I'll think about it and perhaps will look for a third party lens repair. If anybody can recommend one in belgium,Netherlands or Germany...

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