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Canon RF 50f1.8 RF 70-200f4 RF 800f11 and others coming
(06-10-2020, 04:24 PM)Brightcolours Wrote:
(06-10-2020, 03:45 PM)davidmanze Wrote: [quote pid='51211' dateline='1591795920']

"And at 150mm? Are you just writing nonsense?" 

I know you don't do birding or you wouldn't ask that question ...

..... any one who does will understand what I was saying because they have done it themselves it's called versatility ......  zooming out when a bird gets close ... in this case to 150mm if necessary!!

   "It appears that these 600mm and 800mm f11 lenses will bring something others do not yet offer, small and compact tele prime. If that will be attractive for certain uses/users depends especially on price, weight and size"

  Yeah, an additional lens to carry over and above your standard tele, zoom or otherwise, that could be replaced by a tele-converter or cropping  with shallower DOF, letting in way more light.

 I generally like Canon glass but they've gone from one extreme to another here , the 24-70mm F2 at one end of the spectrum ........ to 800mm F11 at the other ......

 I repeat, this is my sphere, the 800mm F11 is too dark! 

My remark was about that according to you at 150mm was 2.something stops faster than.... a lens that is a 600mm prime and has no 150mm at all.

And Canon HAS that 600mm f4 you have. You seem to portray that this rumoured 600mm f11 will be the only option. 

The only thing Canon does lack, is a 150-500/600mm zoom of their own, but Sigma and Tamron offer those options. Nikon does have a very affordable and good 200-500mm zoom, which is very commendable.

Are these rumoured 600mm/800mm f11 IS DO STM lenses for everyone? No, of course not. Will they be unique propositions? Kinda, yes.
Will they be for me? No, I like my OVF. Is the idea of a super tele prime that is lightweight and affordable for me? Yes. Of course, I'd prefer 600mm f4 with the same lightweight and affordability more.

 We both are DSLRers of course ...... we will have to see the price,  some are touting cheap ..... obviously at 500 euros they're a bargain .... my guess is around 999 euros the 600mm ....... and 1299 euros the 800mm ........ starting prices .... (I think lens prices are on the rise)

 In all aspects these fixed focal tele lenses are not inspiring ......
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