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Canon RF 50f1.8 RF 70-200f4 RF 800f11 and others coming
(06-11-2020, 07:52 AM)mst Wrote: Great shot, David!

(06-11-2020, 07:15 AM)davidmanze Wrote:'s passed almost unnoticed here in OL land ....... Smile

Well, even that one already targets a very small niche Wink

I have honestly been very tempted by the 500 PF, because I loved the 300 PF and its size. I handled the 500 PF at the last photokina, it is amazingly small and light.

Still, I'd love to add some reach with a TC, and then f/5.6 becomes an issue already. And, as you already mentioned, availability is another one.

At least for now I ended up with a 500/4 VR (not the FL) that will teach me all the lessons of how to handle such a beast... and what to shoot with it Wink

However, in the long run I might aim for a 400 FL VR instead, combined with both TCs.
thanks Markus !!

 Well, how "gloriously refreshing" to hear an OL "super moderator" extolling the vertues of a professional bright telephoto prime ........ Smile

........ and with aspirations towards an even brighter F2.8 400mm FL VR ...... 

....... your on the right track ..... Smile

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