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Canon RF 50f1.8 RF 70-200f4 RF 800f11 and others coming
(06-12-2020, 09:05 PM)davidmanze Wrote:
(06-12-2020, 08:38 PM)Brightcolours Wrote:
(06-12-2020, 08:13 PM)davidmanze Wrote: Tony Northrup has released a video on the new range of Canon's R series of lenses ....... I won't even bother linking it !!

he claims 11 inches length for the 600mm and 13 inches for the 800mm and a guesstimation  price of $1500 and $2,000 respectively ....

.........he claims the amazing compactness of length of the new Canon 600mm ............. so I measured it ........the Tamron G2 is 10 3/4 inches long inc. bayonet.......... of which 1/2 inch is bayonet inside the camera!! .... so 10 1/4 inches.

So for the G2 you get a 50% price saving ........ a light of a minimum of 1 1/3 rd stop increase in light and the zoom  of the G2!

The Tamron zoom lens EXTENDS a lot when going to 600mm. So if you want to get an idea what he means with "amazing comopactness", compare it with your Nikkor 600mm f4, or with the Tamron extended to 600mm. 
The Tamron is 267.7mm collapsed to 150mm, and 344.3mm extended to 600mm (Canon mount).
Your Nikkor AF-S 600mm f4 FL VR is 432mm long according to Nikon USA.
The Canon EF 600mm f4 L IS USM III is 448mm long.
11 inch is 279mm long.

I think if you are honest, you can understand that that is indeed amazingly compact for a 600mm prime. Whether you would/should/could prefer a lens like that over a 150-600mm zoom that is faster, is a different matter. I bet the new Canon will be lighter than the zooms, though. Not that hard for an f11 lens.

Your Tamron must be broken though, if half an inch (~1 1/4th centimeters) goes inside the camera... The mirror of your DSLR will not survive. ;-)

  Oh I'm honest BC, deadly so! ...... the real deal is what it's size is when it's in the bag ....... when you zoom you don't go .....
........ OMG look how unusable my G2 is now!! ....... you really don't ...... you just get the shot ...
 But I suppose I've got to get the tape measure out again .... exactly 12.7 mm or 3/8 ths of an inch into the camera ......... so you can bash me for 2.7mm if that makes you feel you've won some sort of hollow victory ..... Smile

   So that just leaves the rest ...... dark aperture ..... not much smaller but lighter in the bag ...... a lens that can't produce what the G2 can (DOF as yet unproven AF-C on ML at F11 ..... sort of seriously huge) ...

and a whole bunch of regular wildlife folk who have little faith in it !!

Oh and they are the customers BTW .... or lost customers.

In all your honesty you still dishonestly misunderstand Tony Northrup. At 11" it really is an amazingly compact 600mm lens, just like the Nikkor 500 PF is amazingly compact for a 500mm lens.  

That you feel the need to dishonestly honest say it ain't so because extending tele zooms are less long is your choice. I could dishonestly bring up mirror lenses to ridicule Tony Northrup too. I honestly choose not to do that, though.

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