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Mounting a polarizer on the hood will it work ?
Tomorrow I will be shooting along a tiny stream, I already went there and chose the location. 
Will shoot mainly leaves on water surface and small waterfalls
I will be using Canon 10-18 on 750D ( the camera will be only a few centimeters above water surface) and use remote live view on mobile to frame, EOSRP plus 16-28 would be too  heavy for the tiny tripod and I don't need anything beneath f8, my friand Zahi will be using  EOSRP 
I have 58mm and 77mm polarizers that won't fit on 10-18, so I thought of mounting the polarizer on 10-18 hood, will it work ??
In 77mm,  I have a damaged Hoya pro1 polarizer and B+W plarizer the Hoya polarizer is damaged with broken glass but still holding together, will it work or I just discard it ?

will upload photos tonight taken with Sony A6000 plus 16mmf2.8 plus wide converter to show the location
My reply is too late, presumably.
The way to do it is to use a step-up ring from 67 to 77, then you can mount the 77mm just fine. These rings are not expensive

Mounting on the hood is likely not going to work. 1) the standard hood is petal shaped, so you will have open corners for light to fall on
the backside of the filter for reflections that might interfere. 2) the filter will probably be much further away from the lens front,
which will probably lead to hard vignetting on a UWA lens.

If the Hoya CPL is broken, I would discard it. It might work ok in some situations, but as soon as you have strong light reflections falling on the broken edges, you get all kinds
of reflections. There was recently an article about this on dpreview, how various things on the front lens affect IQ.
Many thanks, in fact I had programmed to do the shooting NOW, however instead of shooting I am back home on my laptop, I did go to the location, but babies were running the whole day they got tired and slept early...had to drive back home...I have 77 to 58mm ring will bring a 77 to 67mm ring no problem

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