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Advice for shooting waterfalls with moving subject in the frame
I tried to shoot a waterfall with some plants in the foreground, no DOF issue but with the long exposure plants in foreground moved 
Can't shorten shutter speed (waterfall)
so what I tried is with camera on tripod I took a shot at f16 for the waterfall, then without touching the camera using  canon app on phone with remote capture, I took another shot with focus on the plants with a higher shutter speed.
I have two shots now one with the waterfall another one with the plants 
Tried blending them but not very happy with result 
any tips ?
How did you reach the higher speed? You have so many options... You can focus on front and back with the different shots, essentially stacking focus with 2 frames. If you do that, because of focus breathing, the images don't totally align and you 1st have to scale them appropriately to fit well.
You can put both images on different layers in for instance photoshop. You can first clone out moved plant issues from the foreground in the waterfall background layer, and then place the fore ground layer behind it. Making the (front) background layer half transparent, you then can erase the (back) foreground layer into view.
Here's an actuap shot of the camera  taking the photo

[Image: attachment.php?aid=108][Image: attachment.php?aid=109]

You can see the end result isn't very flattering but at least now I know what to do

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