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RF 600mmf11 samle pictures available at dpreview
Dude, you are odd indeed. You posted a reply, it was about your internet being bogged down by people canceling their orders for that RF 600mm f11. That was either a joke, or trolling?
I joked back that it was caused by interest in the Nikon Z5.

So what exactly is your beef? I do not get you much, lately. By all means, block my posts if that makes you feel better. But I do wonder what is going on on your side... And I certainly have not called you any names, except "Dave".The only "name calling" I have done is calling Tony and Chelsea "mixed bag Tony" and "mixed bag Female Tony" after yet another botched video by them.

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RE: RF 600mmf11 samle pictures available at dpreview - by Brightcolours - 07-29-2020, 08:04 PM

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