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HEIF - the future image format?
I just noticed that Canon is supporting the HEIF (High Efficient Image File) on the new R cameras.


I'm wondering whether this is FINALLY the format that will kill JPG. It is about time.
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In 2017, Apple started using HEIF (HEIC) in iOS 11. Canon introduced the HEIF implementation in the EOS 1D X mark III last year. Now, the R5 and R6 also sport it. Sony has followed suit, also offering HEIF on the new A7S III.

So, it does seem as if HEIF has a chance of gradually taking over from JPEG.
Yes but current HEIF is based on a codec that has been updated, is HEIF flexible enough to allow updating the codec in newer files ??
JPEG has also gone through an evolution since 1992, Toni

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