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Fujifilm XF 50mm f/1 to be announced next week

Not very sharp at all, wide open, or really bad at focussing accurately on a X-T4. Disappointing?
Yeah. I'm gonna copy/paste what I wrote on photographylife:

I see this lens more as a showcase: “We managed to make the world’s first mirrorless f1.0 autofocus lens!”
To me the focal length is neither here nor there (not a 50mm nor a 85mm in FF terms).
I think releasing this lens to get that f1.0 “look” is silly since the 56mm f1.2 gives you the exact same amount of blur (but better sharpness) as this 50mm at f1.0!

Bokeh seems very smooth. It might have the best bokeh of any Fuji lens, but we need more samples to gauge.
On the other hand, sharpness is not that great. The dpreview samples confirms this as well as the MTF curves on Fuji’s website.

Flickr gallery
Let's see what Klaus has to say about this when this lens finds its way into his torture chamber. Smile
thxbb12, I agree that this lens appears to have really nice bokeh. Something the 56mm f1.2 APD does not even have.
Lenstip has reviewed it.
Sharp but not very much so on the largest apertures. Lots of other negative points in their opinion so they weren't (really) convinced.
Intersting... reading the questions in the summary, I get the impression someone just made the first steps into the territory of ultra-fast lenses.

And is new to the concept of different size sensors, too..

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