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next OL lens test report - Samyang AF 18mm f/2.8 FE
As tiny as it gets for a full-format ultra-wide lens.
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Been keeping an eye on this lens, so the review is very welcome. I think it's a great alternative for a cheap and small ultrawide prime and the image quality seems to be pretty OK if you stop it down. Might be even fine wide open on lower resolution models.
Surprisingly good given the size and price (and the surprising distortion correction compared to - say - the new Tamron primes which are reported to be breaking negative records in this regard despite being of narrower angle and physically larger. Good to have an f/4 lens with an emergency f/2.8 capability, too. Smile

Oh, and looking at the block diagram, it's funny that this lens only has one regular glass element, the other 8 are all either aspherical or made of special glass. Maybe that's how the manufacturer was able to cram so much performance into such a tiny package.
I think Samyang AF has excellent quality for the price range.

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