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Zeiss Otus and Milvus get ousted to second and third place by Sigma!
Apologies to Rover and Obican for misquoting and wrongly attributing.


I'm impressed by it's price, and the thought that will probably dip lower once the "must have now" crowd is satiated.


I see what your saying, about the scale but personally I don't have a problem with it.  Poor, fair, good, very good, excellent is useful, I agree.  This whole numbers thing can be deceptive.  Actually in my mind the scale should be entirely different:


Fl (1x), F1.4 (2x), F2 (4x), F2.8 (8x), F4 (16x), F5.6 (32x)


So there is a part of me that thinks that the x-axis should be separated by the "x factor" as it shows the real(er) difference in light being transmitted.  Think how much flatter that graph would be?  F5.6 would be 16 units up from F1.4. 


There are focus considerations that are likely more important than these figures.  I do have some very good targets designed for lens testing.  On the rare occasion that I try to compare lenses I try to "be fair" and manually focus using live view usually at 5 or 10x.  Then I do a second run using AF.  It has lead me to believe the huge advantage that MF lenses have over AF if you are comparing by MF performance, because the MF controls aren't usually that great.  Some Leica macros have 720 degrees from infinity to close.  That's why Klaus' statement that focus by wire "actually isn't all that bad."  He's right!  you hate it at first but there is one huge advantage.  You can use a lighter touch!  But in general some of these lenses, in practice will be hard to MF. 


Here is a question for a lens tester (a real one):  Does AF sometimes outperform MF for a particular lens?  If so, should you not use the higher value of the two? 




Definitely interesting about Sam

...yang 85/1.2!

You might be interested in this.


I actually love focus by wire. As you've pointed out, it's rapid when  you want it to be and pretty precise when you need it to be. Also, every time I use them I get a weird satisfaction thinking of all the video guys who would be sweating from their asses, trying to pull the focus on a focus by wire lens. 

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