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Sony FE 20 f1-8 test by Roger Cicala

Woah, Sony is blasting the competition again.
No doubt about it now, they are the manufacturer to beat.

I bet we will see the same type of performance with their upcoming FE 35 f1.4.

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Impressive indeed. Sony found some magic mojo for wide angles there which started with 24/1,4, lens that tested great at lens rentals as well as here. Putting in perspective, comparison to Nikon Z 24/1,8: Sony is arguably better while being faster, smaller and lighter. All that compared to lens with mount diameter marketed as significant advantage for lens design. 
And they keep going on, 24 being followed by 20/1,8, now 35/1,4...
Generally, an f/1.8 should be better (sharper) than its f/1.4 counterpart.
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