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Smartphone photography getting even better: one inch sensors to phones
(03-08-2021, 06:53 AM)Aldrin Smith Wrote: Hi there,

I'm a beginner photographer apparently, and I'm looking for some articles/video to learn some photography tips. I've also followed some IG influencer and YouTubers... But still stuck in how to shoot beatiful pictures, both smart phone and camera shooting. Do you have any books or alticles recommend (sbout camera shooting, I have a Sony A7)? Appreciate in advance.
Hi Aldrin,

Tips and tidbits do not help a beginning photographer very much, IMO.
You need something like a full-on course, whether compressed or long.

Basically, there are 2 aspects, one dealing with the visual impact, such as composition, focusing, light and lighting, use of aperture and shutter speed and the effects this has, and the second aspect is the more technical aspect, i.e., colour settings, exposure, iso, photoshopping etc.

Since you are a beginning photographer, and shoot with both a mirrorless camera and a phone, I'd suggest you start with the first aspect, the visual one, and any good book in this regard will do, by any of the better authors or well-known authors. The book can be a physical book, digital (eBook), or both, that doesn't matter. Neither does it matter whether it is an older book dealing with film-based cameras or newer and dealing with digital cameras; the principles of the first aspect apply to both. do note that such books often deal with both aspects, just that they don't delve too deeply in th emore technical side, generally speaking.

What is even more important, is practice, practice, practice. Look at what you like yourself, from your own shoots, and take notice of what you did to get that result, and try to repeat that and improve upon. Fortunately, with digital, taking more shots is cheap compared to the analog days. All it takes is a bit more time, not expense Wink.

I cannot specifically recommend any books or courses currently, because the ones I ever used were written in Dutch, and I guess that is not of help to you right now.

Maybe someone else here can help with a few recommendations.

HTH, kind regards, Wim
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