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Canon will launch TS-R 14mm and it's autofocus...
(05-06-2021, 06:58 PM)toni-a Wrote: Here they are taking lens design to new extremes....
Yes, that one plus a TS-R 24 F/3.5 AF were rumoured several months ago already.

A TS-R 14 sounds very promising, however, it may actually well replace my TS-E 17 .... Smile

In addition, a high megapixel 5Ds or 5DsR replacement is rumoured as well, apparently with a 100MP sensor, to appear in the first half of 2022, after the two new TS-Rs have become available. These two lenses are supposed to keep up with such a sensor.

With a BSI-sensor, that could be quite feasible, considering the circuitry takes up a lot of space on the current sensors with regard to the light collecting side.

Kind regards, Wim
Gear: Canon EOS R with 3 primes and 2 zooms, 4 EF-R adapters, Canon EOS 5 (analog), 9 Canon EF primes, a lone Canon EF zoom, 2 extenders, 2 converters, tubes; Olympus OM-D 1 Mk II & Pen F with 12 primes, 6 zooms, and 3 Metabones EF-MFT adapters ....

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