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Long time archival
I don't shoot RAW anyway, and even for JPEGs I always fret about the goddamn photos taking up too much space. Of course, I try to cull as many of them as I can, though sometimes I only get to it after a few months. :-)
(08-02-2023, 05:17 PM)toni-a Wrote:
(08-02-2023, 11:23 AM)Rover Wrote: For me, JPEG in, JPEG out - it's all I get, after all. Smile

Storage is cheap, keeping RAWs isn't an issue, I shoot RAW plus JPG, most of the time for events JPG are widely enough. and I often delete RAW files afterwards.
For important events and when you need to edit the photos RAW is essential, so I always keep the RAW files (only for the keepers though)
with storage prices low, storage space is not an issue

For me it's nothing to do with storage. At this point I wonder if I'll ever go back and look through the images I took 20ish years ago. Beyond that, I can't remember the last time I pulled out the slide projector!
Regarding archiving point, one thing I am really happy about is that in past 5 years or so, I have digitalized and organized (rather simple approach) most of my photo archive. Stored (and backed up) on external HDD(s), I use Plex as a server to host selected parts of archive. Whole family, including teen kids, have accses to it. And they do use it on mobile or notebook and love it doing so. At least I am told so. :-)
Works like a charm.

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