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sample gallery Pentax DA 50mm f/1.8
Doesn't Pentax use Sony sensors ?
Quote:Doesn't Pentax use Sony sensors ?
That has nothing to do with the matter. 
Hi BC, I am not disagreeing with you I don't understand if tests are done via adapter without optical elements could be biased, can you elaborate please ??

I think it's about this:

Better explanation in this post:

Sony seems to have settled with a thickness of around 2mm.


However, when replacing the filter with something thinner, the results aren't getting any better with native Sony lenses.


Mounting Pentax lenses on the A7R II should not have any impact in any case - we are talking about DSLR lenses which have a much bigger distance from the sensor plane than those rangefinder lenses or "booster" setups.


That being said - we still won't do it. Testing Pentax lenses on a Sony camera would alienate the majority of the already slim user base. Thus ... still no business case.

That, and I think we already know how two of the recently released Pentax zooms should be performing... Tongue (although not on 36MP)

Quote:FF will not happen on Pentax for the time being.

I just can't see how the related expenses would pay off.
Fair enough.


Though I would be interested how the new (FF) D FA 28-105mm tests. I have one and find it extremely competent. Oh well, it’s always good to have something to wish for.

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