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An R7 with APS-C sensor to be released?
(09-09-2021, 10:38 AM)mst Wrote: You're overestimating my knowledge, David. And so far I haven't had the chance to shoot with a future, non-existing high resolution camera in vacuum either Wink

BC has a very valid point, though. At these focal lengths, the shooting distance becomes an issue for the lab tests already, and that's probably less than when you'd use such a lens for in the wild.

     ........ not even a guess ??
    This is a "tell me about it" moment ........

  In summer here in the south of France, hot unstable air (30°-40°+ on the ground)  is my main issue ...... the 600mm F4E plus TC 1.4E III has increased the issue to the point where it's only really usable early in the morning, after 11 o clock, forget it ....... in the late evening it's still too hot ......... 
  A recent cooler spell enabled me to see how much IQ loss was occurring with the TC and it's less than I thought ........ the first few images were taken in that spell ....... plus I found a .. "purple swamphen" ............... I've never seen ought like it in my life !!

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