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Yongnuo 85mm f1.8
Seems Yongnuo is copying every single Canon prime 

and here's the 85mm f1.8 leaked image


[Image: Yongnuo-85mm-lens-leaked.jpg]

Honestly I'm not willing to give money to a company that merely copies products from a different manufacturers.

Other than being immoral, you are killing innovation and development by doing so.

Consequently we refuse to test such products.

I support that.


It's just, for Chinese that's not immoral, but very clever.   :mellow:

Well, also the Chinese can do better if they just want to - Laowa for instance.

Yongnu just wants to make cheap money without efforts.

"Can do better" is relative. Laowa's 15 mm/4 Macro Shift has such poorly developed features that I can't see them "doing better".

Shifting is only digital - Up/No/Low, as macro lens it's usesless for architecture, aperture lacks of clickstops, EXIF data is zero and the bayonet opposite of smooth working. Better than copying? Maybe, but the result shows the gap in technology.


Laowa also belongs to the majority of Chinese manufacturers "saving transport costs" by bluntly lying on their parcel descriptions. But in case custom service opens one of their parcels and realized the real value of "25$" or whatever they declare, And I'm not sure who will have to pay the price or is charged for tax violation.
I must admit I'm torn between whether it's better to ignore them or if a test might actually be worth it. Because from all I've seen so far the lenses seem to be really terrible. So a review concluding this might have a bigger impact on their business than ignoring them.


I'm also a little sad because I own and like their radio flash triggers and their CLS-compatible flashes a lot and was actually thinking of stocking up on the latter. I have to rethink that, though...


-- Markus



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