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7Artisans to produce 50mm F/0.95
For about ~$200!

7Artisans will ‘soon’ announce a ~$200 50mm F0.95 lens for APS-C [and MFT] mirrorless camera systems.

This was on DP Review.  The DPR readers were pretty skeptical.  Even negative.  I just want to say for me, light gathering power is almost always an issue.  Will I actually use it at F/0.95?  I don't know, but it will let me at least see what I am looking at - The EVF is more noise free and stable with more light.  I do have a lot of 50's.  And not one that is really good.  But I'm only human.  I like photography and I like something that pushes the limits.  The fastest lens I have I think is F/1.4. 

Also, 7Artisans have followed some interesting paths.  This lens would not be nearly as interesting on a DSLR.  What was discussed about the FFD having to be perfect, and MFA having to be addressed.  If it was not for the ease that IBIS and EVF bring to the table, I'd say I would never use it anyway.  As it is I would love to see what it can do.  I don't know how they can do it at this price.  I will be waiting to hear more!

Yes, my favorite camera is a DSLR.  But the promise of MFT has been the potential for small cheap lenses that make having a camera on you at all times that much easier!

In a world where $1,000 for a lens is not even blinked at.  I really want to believe that this ~$200 lens will be one that shows that photography can still be fun even for the humble hobbyist on a budget!


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